Sheet 4: Marriage




It has been a while since I wrote about this.

Now that everything has calmed down, I want to tell you how I doing.


 I have some great news: My second Brother is getting married!

This is amazing!

They are already busy with the preparations; clothes, what day and what the party will look like.

Also a special day for us as a family, he is the first to get married.

We have already gone with him to the clothing maker, who really has an eye for detail!

He worked out everything that was discussed and even added some extra.

The design already looked beautiful, now only process everything.

I have already warned him not to go through the nights as he is also my chamberlain and I know that he is completely absorbed.


On to the wedding day!


Now you may be wondering about me.

It has become a bit more complicated.

I told you about my dear friend who saved my life.

Since then we have often been together and this has led to feelings that start with me.

What should I do? Tell him and risk our friendship?

I am still thinking about when I will tell him and accept the consequences.