Welcome knights!


My name is Sir. Maarten Faris, also known as Blue Faris. I have been working as a knight for several years and have now decided to also start a trade for the people, because they are also entitled to good quality stuff. You can find furniture, accessories, jewelry, clothing and stationery with me. Come in soon and find your product!


Due to the corona crisis, it is still uncertain whether I can still go to a market this year. That is why you are always welcome in my webshop. New products will arrive soon. And  various products have been reduced in price!


 An extra service: Due to the limited stock, it is possible that the product can no longer be ordered, please contact me and i can see what i can do for you.


Good to know: Weapons and Glassware are Events Only items!


For your information: Only shipments within the EU!



In addition to the good equipment, it is also important to eat well, a knight can be quite busy in a day. Look here for knightly recipes.

Just find out some new delicacies!



I also like to be creative myself. If you are looking for something unique, look here.


I would like to tell you about my knighthood and everyday life. Curious what a day can look like? Feel free to read the stories in my archive.



Besides trading in my own village, I also regularly go to markets and events. View here where you can find me.



Do you have a question, suggestion or complaint? Send me your a carrier pigeon or courier!