After the efforts in the morning, relax with a good lunch. Just easy to take when you on the way.


Recipe 1

A good basic is important at the start of the day.

Half a baguette with hussar salad, cucumber, old cheese and Zaanse mayonnaise, for a nice bite put it in the oven or in the contact grill for 10 minutes.



Recipe 2

A hearty lunch where you can continue.

A slice of cornbread topped with Schwarzwälder ham, dried tomatoes and a few basil leaves.

Chicken bouillon as a side dish.

For this we take 0.5 liters of warm / boiled water (for 1 person), 100 grams of sliced ​​chicken fillet, 1 boulion cube, stir this into the water, hand or 2 noodles and half a pack of peas from the freezer.




Recipe 3

Fast and delicious: Grilled sandwich!

You can endlessly combine with this.

How about this variant: with bacon, mozzarella in thin slices and sliced tomato.

with a dip of mayo, ketchup and grated old cheese.


Recipe 4

The ideals Smoothie recipe for when you go exploring.

Simple and nutritious.

You need a blender for this.

Fill it halfway with skyr natural.

Add a few grapes & raspberries to this and just blender!

Then a little bit of vanilia and chocolate, shake / stir this through.

With a whipped cream topping.

Delicious to dip an eggcook in it!