The morning only starts well with a hearty and tasty breakfast, so you already have a better start to the day!


Recipe 1
The first is one of the tastiest.

Nothing beats a fresh croissant, what do we put on that ..... a slice of wine cervelat, old cheese, cucumber and boiled egg plus a dash of mayo or egg seasoning.

If you are still hungry, take a bowl of yogurt with syrup and pieces of cake of your choice.

While enjoying a fresh tea such as forest fruits or strawberries.


Recipe 2

A sweet start of the day.

Take a brown toasted bread.

spread it with milk or dark chocolate paste (just what you like) with raspberries and a pinch of powdered sugar.

With a slice of gingerbread and (cream) butter.

A fresh orange juice or fruit tea tastes best with this.


Recipe 3

A white tiger sandwich with fried bacon, sheep cheese and scrambled eggs.

First make sure the eggs are cooked, then let them cool with cold water and mash them with a fork.

Then an airy cracker (of 2) with sliced ​​salami and pickle.


Recipe 4

Nothing is as good as breakfast with a warm sandwich or better a Bagel!

Delicious spread with garden herbs cream cheese and smoked meat on it.

If you are still hungry, a toast with Italian cheese is the ideal conclusion.