There are a few conditions to be allowed to trade, please read them, then you are up-to-date.

Notice: TRADE CONDITION & PRACTICAL INFORMATION : Dutch law and text are leading.



Article 1. Applicability of conditions


1.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter: Conditions) apply to all offers, orders and agreements of Blue Faris to the exclusion of any other trading conditions. The offered articles and / or services are depicted and / or described as clearly and truthfully as possible on the website and / or in written offers and / or other media. They are described as fully as reasonably required and possess the features mentioned by Blue Faris in the offer. The offer clearly states what you owe upon purchase and what your rights and obligations are if you accept the offer.

1.2. Blue Faris guarantees that the stated item prices will not increase in price during the term of the offer, subject to any interim tax increases, statutory measures or changes in VAT rates.

1.3. These Conditions can only be deviated from in writing, in which case the other provisions will remain in full force.

1.4. All rights and claims, as stipulated in these Conditions and in any further agreements for Blue Faris, are also stipulated for the benefit of intermediaries and other third parties engaged by Blue Faris.


Article 2. Acceptance of orders.


2.1. Regardless of the payment method chosen by you when ordering, Blue Faris reserves the right not to execute orders or to execute them at a later time. Blue Faris is also entitled to deliver articles only after you have made a full payment. The reason for this will be indicated at your written or e-mail request.

2.2. Blue Faris reserves the right to obtain the necessary information to assess the customer's creditworthiness.


Article 3. Reflection period


3.1. A cooling-off period of 14 days applies to all products, unless the offer explicitly states otherwise.


3.2. During the reflection period, the articles may be judged on quality and execution.

3.3. The cooling-off period also means that you are entitled to return items assessed within the cooling-off period without any obligation on the part in complete and in original packaging. The returned items must not be used or damaged, clothing must be provided with the original attached label and must not be worn and washed. You must also comply with all conditions for return. The costs for the return shipment will be borne by the buyer or customer.

3.4. The reflection period starts on the day of delivery of the article to your home.

3.5. The burden of proof that you have made timely use of his authority to return within the cooling-off period with proof of delivery, proof of postal delivery or a comparable document rests with the customer by means of the date of receipt at the delivery address.

3.6. In case of certain collector items, these will no longer be returned, these are custom-ordered items that have been specially ordered for you, these are collectibles with a value of more than 200 euros.


Article 4. Purchase agreement


4.1. The purchase agreement is deemed to have been concluded on the day following the expiry of the cooling-off period, within 14 days after the date stated on the invoice, if the items have not been returned in the manner indicated by Blue Faris within this cooling-off period, or if the reflection period is excluded in accordance with Article 3.1, the working day following the date stated on the invoice.


Article 5. Delivery


5.1. Blue Faris will do everything possible to deliver accepted orders as soon as possible. If the delivery is delayed - either due to being temporarily out of stock, or for other reasons - or if an order cannot or only partially be executed, you will be notified.

5.2. The mode of transport is determined by Blue Faris. You pay the shipping costs. If the order is executed in parts, this contribution will only be calculated once. The shipping costs are stated in the payment procedure.


Article 6. Transport


6.1. Within the Netherlands, Blue Faris bears the risk of damage and loss of items during transport, with the exception of items stating that shipping is at your own risk (for example, due to high fragility). After the articles have been received by you, the risk of damage and loss passes to you.

You must provide the correct address and read the confirmation email carefully.

If an incorrect delivery address has been provided and you do not report this to Blue Faris before shipping, the risk lies with you.

6.2. In case of return within the cooling-off period, the transport risk is for you, in this case you are responsible for the shipping costs. Not or insufficiently stamped shipments will not be accepted.

6.3. If one or more articles are lost, you undertake to cooperate with the investigation upon first request. If this obligation is not met, Blue Faris is entitled to recover the price of the items from you.


Article 7. Guarantee


7.1 Blue Faris guarantees the soundness and / or usability of the articles it supplies, in accordance with the specifications offered, as well as the non-conflict with the legal provisions and / or government regulations existing on the date of the conclusion of the agreement. The date stated on the invoice / packing slip is the effective date for the guarantee.

7.2. Any defect in an article, which has arisen during a normal and judicious use in accordance with the destination of the articles, will be replaced by Blue Faris on written request or by email with substantiated reasons and photos of you within the warranty period, free of charge. If you rightly request a replacement, Blue Faris is also entitled at its option to opt for a refund of the purchase price.

7.3. In case of visible defects substantiated with reasons and photos, you must return the article in consultation within the trial period, stating the defect. You must use the mode of transport provided by Blue Faris. If you choose another mode of transport yourself, these costs are for your own account.

7.4. In case of hidden defects, or in case of visible defects after the reflection period, every complaint must be received within 7 working days after the defect could reasonably have been established by you. The complaint must be a clear description of the defects found and can only take place in writing or by e-mail. If you do not request repair or replacement in writing or by email, Blue Faris will decide whether the item will be replaced. For items that you send on your own initiative, the transport costs are for his account. In that case, Blue Faris is not liable for damage caused during transport.

7.5. Blue Faris is not liable for damage that you or a third party suffers through the use of an item supplied by Blue Faris, unless you demonstrate that the damage was caused by transport.

7.6. (In) direct costs or damage to you or a third party, caused by the out-of-use of a defective article, are not eligible for compensation, unless you demonstrate that the damage occurred during transport.

7.7 If in case of warranty you use the item incorrectly, have changed or repaired the item yourself, the warranty on the item in question will lapse and this amount will not be reimbursed.



7.8. Blue Faris is not liable for any damage caused by force majeure. In any case, force majeure means:

  • Government measures (including foreign government) such as a transport, import or production ban
  • Shortcomings of suppliers and / or transporters of the seller
  • Natural disasters, extreme weather, fire, explosion and outflow of hazardous substances or gases
  • Boycott, strike, occupation, blockade, riots, sabotage, riot and war


Article 8. Payment.


8.1. After payment, the item will be sent to you as soon as possible.Article 9. Payment conditions.

9.1. After full payment, the item or items will be delivered.

 If returned within the cooling-off period, the payment can be settled with an outstanding balance, or refunded to you at his request.

9.2. Unless otherwise specified, any amount due must be paid directly by you after the conclusion of the agreement, or as much earlier or later as indicated by Blue Faris.

9.3. If an amount due has not been paid in the agreed term, the entire outstanding amount will be immediately due and payable in court. Delivery of further orders will be suspended until the customer fulfills his payment obligations.

9.4. Costs charged by Blue Faris for settlement of payment transactions by third parties will be charged to you.


Article 10. Partial delivery.


10.1. If the order is delivered in parts, you are obliged to pay the entire amount immediately. Blue Faris will keep you informed of your order. If the item can still not be delivered, Blue Faris will refund this amount or you may choose a replacement item, if this is a higher amount, you will pay the remainder.


Article 11. Refunds.


11.1. Amounts already paid for items that are returned within the cooling-off period or prepayments made by you, on the basis of conditions set by Blue Faris, will be refunded within if the agreement is not concluded. The shipping costs incurred for shipping to you will not be returned.


11.2. Refund will be made within 30 days after you have indicated in writing or by e-mail how you want the refund to be made.

 11.3. Refunds in Articles 11.1 and 11.2 only apply to internet orders.


Article 12. Personal registration.


12.1. By placing an order, data is stored in the personal registration of Blue Faris.

12.2. At your written request or e-mail, the stored personal data will be provided for inspection, against payment of the costs. Any corrections communicated by the customer will be processed in the registration, unless the corrections prove to be incorrect.

12.3. Blue Faris does not provide data to third parties without legitimate reasons, or outside the purpose of its personal registration, so that the privacy of the customer is compromised.


Article 13. Other provisions.


13.1. The correctness of all amounts stated by Blue Faris is deemed to be established, unless you have notified Blue Faris of alleged inaccuracies in writing within one month after receipt of the account statement intended for him.

13.2. Blue Faris accepts no liability for the consequences of typesetting and image errors on the website or other forms of media.

13.3. The images on the website are the property of Blue Faris or have been published with the permission of the supplier. It is not allowed to use images for your own purposes without permission from Blue Faris. We are in no way liable for any claims by licensee (s) of the articles in case of violation.

13.4. Blue Faris is entitled to change its sales conditions.                                                                                                                                                                 

13.5. By placing an order, everyone agrees without reservation to the above sales conditions.

13.6. These sales conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

 13.7 Colors, models and packaging of the items shown on visual material may differ from reality. No rights can be derived.




Privacy declaration

Blue Faris is located in Houten and is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.


Personal data we process:

 Blue Faris processes personal data because you use these services.

Below you will find an overview of the personal data that Blue Faris processes:

  • First and last name
  • Address data
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

 Blue Faris processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Handling a payment
  • Can contact you if necessary for questions about an order, for example.
  • Personal data that Blue Faris is legally obliged to, such as information that is necessary for the tax return.
  • Sending the newsletter if you have registered for this.


How long we keep the data:

 Blue Faris does not store your personal data longer than is necessary to realize the goals for which your data is collected.


Blue Faris uses the following retention periods for personal data:

personal data (including address, telephone number, e-mail), at least 7 years for the tax authorities.

Sharing personal data with third parties:

Blue Faris does not sell or provide data to third parties.

Cookies and techniques that Blue Faris uses:

Blue Faris does not use cookies, they are only for eating.


You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can do this yourself via the personal settings of your account. In addition, you have the right to withdraw any consent to the data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data by Blue Faris and you have the right to data portability. This means that you can submit a request to Blue Faris to send the personal data that Blue Faris has about you in a computer file to you or another person of an organization mentioned by you. If you want to exercise your right of objection and / or right to data portability or if you have other questions / comments about data processing, please send me a specified request.

To ensure that the request for access has been made by you, I ask you to send a copy of your ID with the request. Make your passport photo, MRZ (machine readable zone, the strip with numbers at the bottom of the passport), passport number and citizen service number (BSN) black in this copy. This is to protect your privacy. Blue Faris will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Want to know more about privacy? You can do this via the following link:

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