Sheet 3:  Craftmen




Finally, a good agreement has been reached with all craftsmen.

And as promised I introduce them to you:


Fairyland: You can find almost all your stationery here: ink, writing stuff and wax.


Alchemy England: Excellent example of forged craftsmanship, beautiful home and living stuff. Not to mention the beautiful jewelry collection.


Spiral Direct: A brand with a dark touch to give your home a little more substance. For accessories and deco products.


Celtic WebMerchant: various household goods, clothing and accessories for every citizen.


Eastgate: You have come to the right place for prints, cards, mini posters and amulets, among others.


Iron Fortress: very high-quality clothing and accessories.


It is an honor for me to be able to trade these products to the people.

This will reduce the gap between people.

In this way I hope to gain more justice, that everyone can be themselves.


It doesn't matter WHAT you are, it's about WHO you are!


Come by for a nice chat with a cup of tea.