sheet 2: Blue Faris


Here I am again, in this part I tell about the battle that has changed every life.


An Era ago, there was a great war between good and evil, let's say the dark of the darkest.

It was inevitable that a battle like this would come, you noticed everyone realizing how it could end and everything will be different.

This already worried me and especially when my family split up. Me and my eldest brother, were put behind the gate, or in fully defensive. Mom had to make sure the people got to be safe.

The other three were on the battlefield itself, these were truly the most emotional and nerve-racking moments of my life.


This happened:


We were with a few men against a much stronger army, to give up was not an option, because then they would take the people and this had to be prevented.

I  have taken the frontline with a few others. Because of our courage and perseverance, everyone started to fight even harder, a force was released that cannot be described.


Then it went fast .....


The highest marshal suddenly stood in front of me with weapons that you would rather not encounter and before I knew it he came towards me. He shot an arrow, but I could still hit him before I landed on the floor with a bloody cheek.

Before he wanted to finish me, my dearest friend jumped in!

He has been my salvation and I received full protection from my men, who deserve the honor, not just me.


Because I wanted to give my life for the people in this way, they have made me the protector of the people, shortened Blue Faris.

For someone like me who doesn't like fighting and prefers not to take up a sword, this was tough.

Everything made me even closer with my men / friends, they are family to me.


Have a great day!