Sheet 1: Further Proposals


My name is Sir. Maarten Faris better known as 'Blue Faris'. I owe this tittle to my heroism (I don't see it that way myself) during the decisive battle, I'll tell you more about this later.


I come from a family of 4 children, of which I am the youngest, above me there is a 1 year older sister, a 4 year older brother and another brother of 10 years difference.

We come from a good, prosperous family. My father is now in charge of the city and my mother is concerned with the welfare of the people.


My hobbies are cooking, being creative, reading, writing, learning about herbs and plants, walking in the gardens and going out with my friends.

In daily life I take lessons in history, healing, law and nature.

In addition, I am involved in public affairs and now my own business.


Lately I have already spoken with various craftsmen about the sale / exchange of their products.

After some negotiations we came out, at a fair price for everyone.

I would like to introduce these to you soon.


This was a short introduction, Next time I'll tell you about my nickname: Blue Faris.


Have a nice day!