In the evening ready for a warm bite with family and friends.


Recipe 1

A slavink from the oven with a quarter or half slice of cheese, bake for about 20 minutes.

What we also eat with it is potato cubes with a touch of BBQ sauce, with a pickle, grated goat cheese and a little bit of mayo as the finishing touch.


Recipe 2

First boil the chicory in the pan, drain and allow to cool.

Take the baking dish and rub with butter.

Cut the chicory in half and let it drain in the colander.

Then you put the scraped rösti out of freezebag with the chery tomatoes and sliced champions in the oven dish.

Then you wrap a slice of serrano ham around the chicory and the potato will come with a sauce of bacon and onion.


Recipe 3

If you are in a large group, you do not want to be in the kitchen too extensively.

Then especially rice dishes are ideal to make.

First boil a liter of water and then put the yellow rice in it, stirring regularly

Meanwhile, cut the bacon and ham into cubes and put them in the wok with 2 tablespoons of oil.

When this is almost done add some corn.

Then you drain the rice and put it in the wok.

To top it off, add the chili wok sauce.


Tip: taste sometimes then you can have keep an eye on the strength of the taste.



Recipe 4

Easy to prepare, highly recommended if you are with friends.

Soft white bread with a nice piece of (farmers) sausage in it.

Prepare it according to packaging and cut it in half horizontally (or first hollow out your bread so that it can be completely mixed in) To finish it off, a salsa sauce is added.

As a side dish, eat ribs fries with a meat salad or a bag of raw vegetables.


Enjoy your meal!